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Microsoft Music Promo Codes March, 2018

Microsoft Music Promotion Codes for a Musical Experience.

Microsoft brought in a whole lot of gaming unit in the form of Xbox and its successors for their customers and the company also decided to provide the best musical experience to their music-loving prospective customers. This gave way to Groove Music, which was previously called as Zune Music and Xbox Music. This is nothing, but a digital music streaming service that was developed by Microsoft. This is a service that was developed by Microsoft that provides music streaming through subscription or through purchase via the Windows Store. This service is web-based and it is also available through applications for the Xbox and Microsoft Windows product lines. It is also available for Android and iOS device. The Groove catalogue has millions of track for music enthusiasts to listen to. In addition, the Microsoft music promotional codes will come handy for them as well.

Microsoft Music

Love your music and set it free:

With this service from Microsoft, you can add your MP3 and even iTune tracks to OneDrive. This service is offered by Microsoft to make sure that your music will always be at your hands with the Groove Music application.

Two options available:

If you are a music enthusiast planning for investing in this musical service from Microsoft, you can Microsoft music store promo codes for the same. Here, Microsoft offers you with two different options to bring in your music with you, wherever you go. Under these options, you can add music now or you can also open web player to do the same.

Different genres:

Microsoft has rightly understood the fact that different people love different genres of music. Some are interested towards world music, while some love rock. This is why under this service; different genres of music right from reggae to folk music are available. Depending on your area of interest, you are at liberty to choose the music that you love the most to come with you wherever you go.

Upgrade your PC:

It is not essential that you should have the latest PC to get this new service from Microsoft. You can just upgrade your Windows system to Windows 10 to enjoy the best musical experience with the Groove App.

Choose songs of your favorite artist:

If you are more into artists as against genre, you can choose from the huge list of musical artists from this service to add to your favorite music from those artists.


When you are planning to get Groove App, you will be interested in understanding its features and here are some of them to understand:

Groove music pass:

This is a subscription-based service that permits unlimited streaming of the catalogue of the service. Even though, this advertising-supported streaming was available earlier, it was discontinued from the 1st of December 2014. It will be possible to buy music directly from the Windows Store once you get this application. The music that you purchase and the playlists will have songs available on the service that can be mixed through OneDrive and can be listened from varied devices. Some songs in the local library on Windows 8.1 PC can be matched and can be made available to other devices. In addition, it will be possible to generate radio that is customized with the help of the songs selected by you. Songs can be downloaded for offline listening on smartphones as well.

So, make the best use of Microsoft Store music deals to take your musical interest to the next level. You can join hands with Microsoft, whose music is right here to help you take your music, wherever you go. Let your favorite music soothe your mind and relax you from here on.