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Microsoft Student Promo Codes March, 2018

Microsoft Store Education Promo Codes- You’re most trusted online halt for technology!

With brick and mortar stores giving way to online stores, online shopping has tremendously gained momentum. Given the perpetual lack of time that today’s generation faces, it is undoubtedly a very convenient option too. What could be better than sifting through thousands of products, buying with a click and getting stuff delivered at your doorstep, without moving an inch out of home? Technology is no exception. A lot of people have taken online when buying devices and shopping software too. I recently bought a telescope from a reputed online shopping site- I was happy to find something that was within my budget and had a good customer review too. To my utter shock and dismay, I found later that the product I had ordered was actually not only substandard but also audaciously included a note, demanding a five-star rating with dire consequences.

Microsoft Student

Needless to say, I did not succumb to that “obnoxious demand”, but at the same time- what could I possibly do with a pseudo-telescope? Finding your money’s worth can be tough when you’re shopping online and worse, if you happen to buy something that’s substandard, you’re in for hard luck! That’s why it is wise to always shop from trusted brands- don’t worry too much about a price tag that may seem a tad higher. For, in the long run, you’re at least getting yourself a genuine product of good quality that’ll last you a lifetime. That’s why Microsoft Store Online. The most trusted brand world over for diverse technology- from device to software, accessories and more- here’s what you can purchase!

Microsoft Store online has an elaborate collection of devices to begin with. Whether your workstation needs to upgrade to a new PC or you’d like to buy a cool new tablet for work and play- be sure to find it all at Microsoft Store. It has the best-in-class PCs and computers in every type and price range- be it a laptop, a convertible- 2-in-1s, all-in-ones, tablets and more. Of special mention is the latest range of Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 tablets. Almost weightless, both tablets carry a sleek thin frame that’s classy and durable at the same time. All the features that made the Surface a hit are better with Surface 3. In fact, Surface Pro 3 was built to give you the power and performance of a laptop, with the frame and form of a tablet. Because it’s so lightweight and portable, it is easy to just slip it under your arm or inside your purse- so you carry your world everywhere; and get up, running and functional anytime, anywhere. With a device like Surface Pro, you stay at your productive best- no matter where you are. Its kickstand and keypads make it super-flexible as a device. The kickstand now features multiple inclination angles on Surface Pro 3, and can actually flex to an incredible 150 degrees- so you get just the right inclination you want. The click-in keypads are now more stable and attach more securely to the Surface making the change in mode so inconspicuous, you’re working at the most comfortable position always. Whether you’re in your office, at your desk, inside the bus, on the flight, in the train, in front of the TV, in the canteen- just about anywhere, you can pick up from where you left off. It’s as good for serious work, as it is for watching movies, playing a game or reading a book. It’s one device to satisfy all your work and play needs, anywhere, anytime! If you are a student, Surface Pro 3 is just the device you need to race ahead of competition. With Surface Pro 3 and Office 365, discover newer ways to capture lectures and organize your notes, find newer ways to research, learn and create. With the Surface pen (that comes boxed with your Surface Pro 3), unleash your creativity in ways you’ve never known before- capture your poetic thoughts instantly (with one click of the Surface pen, a OneNote page opens up, even if your device is sleeping or locked- so you no more lose track of your thoughts and ideas!), or with apps like Fresh Paint, explore your artistic interests or even, capture musical notes and hear them convert to digital sound! With Surface Pro 3, there’s nothing stopping you! Now save up to $159 on the Surface Pro 3 bundle that includes Surface Pro 3, choice of Type Cover and Surface sleeve, 2-year warranty, and 1 year of Office 365. Or get an exclusive 10% off on Surface from Microsoft Education Store.

Moving on, you will also find a good collection of phones running the Windows OS- a range of Microsoft Lumia and Windows phones in different configurations and features. You can also save some precious dollars on most of these, so be sure to check deals and discounts on phones. For fitness freaks, Microsoft Band is something you just can’t ignore. Paired with your Smartphone, Microsoft Band gives you an amazing experience helping you live fit, stay connected and get more productive.  Coming to software, the spotlights are on Windows and Office- what with the next versions expected to release soon. As of now, Windows is available as Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 8.1 Pro Pack and Windows 8.1 Pro for students, besides the earlier versions. Microsoft is also offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 for qualified new or existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices that upgrade in the first year. What’s more- Once a qualified Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, you’ll continue to stay updated for the supported lifetime of the device- for no additional cost! Windows 10 comes with a lot of exciting new features. On one hand, it strikes a balance between traditional users and power users by reinstating the familiar Start menu and allowing for the full-screen Start Screen at the same time; even working out a midrate where both the tiled interface and the default menu exist simultaneously on the same screen. On the other hand, it’s gone fantastically futuristic with features like Cortana and holographic computing with Microsoft HoloLens. Among utilitarian upgrades, you’ll find the new Task View, Snap Assist and Continuum to be quite useful, while a Universal Apps house makes it easier to access apps across devices. Office 2016 also comes with its share of surprises. Besides the improvements made to the individual apps, Office is going cross-device, cross-platform in a big way- making itself available for the first time on your iPhones, iPads and Android tablets as well. The other great news is that Office for Mac is finally getting  an update long due- Among other changes, it will feature OneNote as part of the pack now (earlier it had to be bought from Mac Store) and will also have an improved interface aligned with Office for Windows. You’ll also find a lot of additional software for business and creative solutions like Visual Studio, Visio and Project; besides an entire gallery of accessories that include everything from headphones and speakers to app-enabled accessories, wearable technology, PC accessories, cameras, camera accessories and more.

With technology, you need to constantly stay updated and keep revisiting your devices and software. The best way to do it is hop onto the Sale Section on Microsoft Store online. The Store is always abuzz with deals and discounts on a variety of products ranging from computers, laptops and tablets to phones, accessories, games, gaming consoles and various types of software. While the actual products listed may change from time to time, it’s easy to spot “save $100” offers on computers and tablets quite frequently. If you are a student, you’ll do good to check out the Education Store instead for a better deal. Microsoft’s Education Store is especially dedicated to the education fraternity- helping students, teachers and schools to get affordable access to technology. There are various offers, deals and plans especially tailored to meet student needs. For example, the Office 365 Education plan offers students free access to all Office apps plus online storage, sharing and collaboration, if their school qualifies for and buys Office under volume licensing program. Even if your school does not qualify or hasn’t bought this plan, you can check out other individual plans like Office 365 University that is a four year subscription to Office apps for 4 years. You also get internet related benefits like free Skype calling and online storage. Microsoft Store caters to a wide range of customers with diverse needs- for instance; you’ll find entire sections dedicated to business, entertainment and education etc. There’s a gamut of business PCs, Office software, accessories and other IT help for business while the entertainment section is alive with all sorts of movies, TV, music and games. Xbox One is one console you just cannot miss in the games section. There’s such an astounding variety in everything- be it devices or games or software- that finding your pick is simple; you’ve just got to keep a very keen eye.