Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft Surface Studio Promo Codes March, 2018

A display that outstands in all aspects both in the pixel, size, and clarity… a technology that goes far beyond imagination and expectation and yes your guess is right we are talking about Microsoft’s latest product Surface Studio. All you need to feel the joy of working on this is Surface Studio Promo Code.

A 28-inch display with perfect vision and a technology that runs on Windows and software that includes Autodesk, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Solidworks to make your professional work sync with your thoughts and collaborate with your team efforts. The security is high defined with Windows Hello and other Enterprise security checks. Feel the magic of redefining work with Surface Pen and Dial. Write, sketch, canvas and shape your ideas and imaginations into exceptional realities with these devices.

Sound and video at their best with inbuilt high-end 5MP camera and Dolby sound magic. You even have Bluetooth mouse and keyboard in addition to all these time-saving devices and software.  

Microsoft Surface Studio

It is time to forget Surface and it’s predecessors and start thinking and dreaming of working on the latest entrant from Microsoft and it is Surface Studio, it comes with lot many features and technical specifications that surpass Microsoft’s many other products and also it’s competitor’s products. The all new tech device is set to hit the market soon and create a new wave in the field of technology.

What is Surface Studio?

To say it in simple terms it is an all-in-one PC that suits each and every need and everyone’s need. Designed, crafted, and manufactured by tech giant- Microsoft, it is part of Surface series PCs that operate on Windows. It is basically a high-resolution PC that is tailored and made keeping in mind all the professionals from the creative field like designers, artists, and graphic designers. 

What Studio has?

It has everything that a professional wants and in fact even more than needed to meet the future ends. It is perfectly designed to be either a desktop version or in studio mode. The zero gravity hinges makes the conversion easier. And more importantly though a 28-inch display, it is less than 10 kg so this makes it easier to shift around.

Create, design, redo and add life to your creativity and canvass with 13.5 million pixels display. Be your own professional leader giving shape to your ideas. Use the maximum software that is present in the Studio and you will be wondered to work on the latest versions of the software. Get the power and ease of working with Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk and Solid works while easier to use accessories like Surface Pen and Dial make your work seemingly lesser and lesser.

Powered by 6th Gen Intel Core (i5/i7) processor the ease of operating and working on any app and anything is just easy. The expandable memory that begins with 8GB to 32GB solves all your storing problems. Store anything and everything you want without the thought of space. TPM Chip is there for enterprise security so your data security is guaranteed. With Windows Hello your fear of someone using your studio will no more be there. You can customize the user-login and it recognizes different faces for different accounts.

The powerful front camera with 1080 HD video makes your chats and recordings a clear panorama. Dual microphones and Stereo 2.1 speakers embedded with Dolby Audio Premium will give you the most superior quality sound. And without saying gaming goes live when you have such type of camera and audio systems.

Timeless Surface Studio Accessories

Surface Pen:

It is literally a pen for screen what a pen is for the paper. You will feel as if you are using a real pen. Write, jot and draw whatever you want digitally using this pen. The precision ink just gives beauty to your words. Something went wrong just erase it quickly with the eraser present at the pen’s other end. It not only works on Studio but also works on Surface Book, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface 3. You have 4 colors to choose from.

Surface Dial:

It is a user-friendly device for creative professionals. Working is easy as it gives intuitive and quick access to the color settings you generally use. Adjust, scale and revise your canvass with jet speed using this device. The dial comes in magnesium color.

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard:

Experience advanced comfort levels when you type and this is possible only with the above said keyboard. It comes with huge changes to conventional keyboard format especially the double cushioned palm rest gives your fingers and palm the much-needed speed of typing and also comfort. You also have Surface Keyboard with perfect spacing between the keys to making your typing fast and accurate.

Surface Mouse:

It is perfectly designed and made to fit in your palms and goes extremely well with the device. The metal scroll is easy to scroll and fits the fingertips well. The high-end precision pointing gives outstanding accuracy.

As on date, you can easily know that this is the best device and surpasses many other devices that are part of Surface series and also other Microsoft products. It even goes on par and also goes beyond it’s some of its present competitors.

To avail these high-end specifications that come with this advanced Studio use Surface Studio Promo Code and bag the deals. Apart from this deal students, faculty and army have 10% discount on this product and related accessories.