Xbox 360 Accessories

Xbox 360 Accessories Promo Codes March, 2018

Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories Promotional Codes for the Best Gaming At Affordable Cost.

Microsoft made their mark in every niche they entered and when they entered the gaming niche, the product of the company called Xbox started to become a part of the living room in most homes. When they introduced their first gaming console to the market, the company sold three games for every box and they made $750 million in revenue. Just within four years of the introduction of this console, the company achieved sales of 21 million consoles. Even though, Sony won the competition by selling 90 million units by mid 2005, Microsoft understood that exclusive games were the reasons for the success of Sony. Following the success of Xbox, Microsoft introduced their Xbox 360 console. Now, you can get accessories for this console with Microsoft Xbox 360 accessories discount codes. Let us gather some details about the accessories that might be helpful for you.

Xbox 360 Accessories

Xbox 360 500 GB Media Hard Drive:

This is a storage accessory from Microsoft suitable for Xbox 360 console. This hard drive will bring in more space to you for enjoying more fun with your console. Not just games, you can store demos, HD movies and even you can install game discs to your hard drive. This hard drive can work with Xbox 360 S and E consoles as well.

Xbox 360 special edition Arctic Camouflage Wireless Controller:

This accessory from Microsoft is designed for convert operations. The snow-covered environment design is something that makes this unit attractive for many Xbox 360 owners. The D-pad that you get along with accessory can transform from a plus to a disc for greater precision in both sweeping and directional movements, when you play with your Xbox 360. The 30-foot range of this accessory will bring in better gaming experience. This unit when purchased with Microsoft Xbox 360 accessories coupon codes will bring you the best cost-saving benefits too.

Xbox 360 Chrome Series Wireless Controllers:

You can come out of flying colors in the competition and can play in style with this Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome Series Wireless Controller. The shiny colors like Gold, Purple and black give an attractive look to this accessory. Like the accessory mentioned above, this unit also features a D-Pad that alters from a plus to a disc for better control, accuracy and precision. This also features 2.4 GHz wireless technology with 30-foot range. You will be in a position to use up to four controllers on a single console. To ensure longer battery life, this unit comes with adjustable vibration feedback feature. To ensure that you can play on Xbox live with your Xbox 360, this unit comes with integrated headset post. You can keep track of your friends with this unit and can access games and media and can also switch on and switch off your 360 console with the Xbox 360 guide button in this wireless controller.

Kinect for Xbox 360:

You can bring games and entertainment to life with this unit that can be purchased at friendly cost with the help of Microsoft Xbox 360 accessories promo code. You can get a new experience with this accessory without the requirement of any controller. You can simply stand in front of the sensor and the Kinect will identify you and will start responding to your gestures. In addition, it will work with all your Xbox 360 consoles, irrespective of the model you have.

When you make you’re shopping for Xbox 360 from Microsoft store, you can find accessories under a wide range of categories like headsets and communication, controllers and remotes, hard devices and charging, cables and networking and membership, which will take you to the shopping page of Xbox Live. So, choose the appropriate accessory and take your gaming to the next level.