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When you’re shopping technology, you need to be a tad more careful- especially if you’re doing it online. While shopping online affords you the convenience and comfort of being able to access an ocean of choices at a single click, it also runs the risk of not being able to physically evaluate the product you’re about to buy. As far as shopping technology is concerned, this can end in nasty surprises. We understand your round-the-clock schedules probably leave you little time to go shop-hopping- that’s why Microsoft Store online is the best place to shop technology. With an elaborate collection of the latest technology , Microsoft Store online brings you everything from hardware and software to games, accessories and more- all under a single roof. Whether you want to shop devices or software to power your devices, whether you’re looking for some games and fun or accessories to get your best gadgets up and running- Microsoft Store online is your one stop solution.

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Microsoft Accessories

When it comes to technology, we understand you’re always looking for the latest. On Microsoft Store, you may even be able to try new software for free, before you buy. What’s more- if you have a bit of an eagle eye, you’ll be quick to notice exciting deals and bundles, discounts and offers that make your buying all the more delightful! Plus there’s free shipping and free returns everyday and you also get a 30 day price match guarantee- which means if the price drops, you’re refunded the difference. Plus, once you’ve bought your product, there’s 24/7 customer support for all your needs. More than anything else is the fact that when you’re shopping from Microsoft Store Online, you can bank on the company’s vintage- the trust and goodwill that the company commands across the globe is guarantee that you’ll never buy anything you’d regret ever. Here’s a bird’s eye view of all that you might hope to catch on Microsoft Store online.

To begin with, the store prides itself on an exquisite gallery of the most powerful devices, ranging from PCs and laptops to convertibles, tablets, 2-in-1s, all-in-ones, phones, cameras and more. All your devices are hand-picked by experts to bring you only the latest and best-in-class. Every laptop, for instance, comes with a Microsoft Signature Edition, so you can expect lightning fast performance from the moment you turn it on. The computers are powered by the most superior processors like AMD, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, and Pentium- that are insanely fast at work. Whether you need a computer for gaming or work, for entertainment or surfing the web- Microsoft Store houses the world’s best known and most trusted brands like Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, ASUS, Acer and HP. Standing out among devices are some special names worth a mention- these include Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3- Microsoft’s third generation of in-house tablets, the Microsoft Lumia, Windows phone and Microsoft Band. Needless to say, Office and Windows- two of the most popular Microsoft products- are available in a multiplicity of buying options spread over a wide price range- so you can always pick you technology to suit your purse. Transform the way you do things with a whole lot of additional software for your business and creative needs- like Visual Studio, Visio and Project. A whole gallery is dedicated to accessories of every kind- from PC and camera accessories to app-enabled accessories, the latest fetish- wearable technology, fitness accessories, headphones, speakers, chargers and adapters and lots more. Enhance your experience with these essential accessories and race ahead of competition with superior technology.

Microsoft Store caters to various people with various needs- it has dedicated sections that cater to your business requirements, education needs as well as games and entertainment. The Xbox library houses some of the most exquisite games and gaming consoles. The latest Xbox One is a true entertainer that goes much beyond being just a gaming console. It’s one box to rule your living room experience. Everything that you can imagine as part of your living room entertainment can be experienced bigger and better with the Xbox One. With a host of apps from Hulu to Netflix and everything in between, Xbox One allows you to do everything from watching movies and shows to your favorite sport, music and more. You can even Skype on Xbox One- in fact, being heavily web integrated, Xbox One gives you the advantage of accessing a much wider spectrum of entertainment that goes beyond the capacity of your individual entertainment devices- like your TV or your music system. For instance, if you suddenly feel like watching a movie or listening to a song from the yesteryears, you cannot do it through your TV or music system, unless a channel is playing it or you have it on a CD. With Xbox One, you can just leverage the capacity of the internet to search out your favorite music or movies and play it then and there. What’s more, you can do all of this without quitting your game, through a single device- your Xbox One; and you can even do two things at a time. Like play and listen to music on the same screen or watch a movie and connect with friends and family simultaneously. To top it all, you have better control with the advanced, voice-sensitive kinect- so you can switch between apps, or search for your entertainment all with only simple voice commands! Microsoft Education Store is another such thoughtful venture. Realizing that rising technology costs make them almost inaccessible to students, Microsoft has come up with an exclusive store dedicated to the education fraternity that provides products and plans at heavily discounted prices, just for students, teachers and schools. It is an undeniable fact that technology moves the world. Hence, if students are allowed to leverage and experience the power of technology right from their growing years, they shall carry those skills forward with them- embracing possibilities, creating a new order, a better world! Microsoft Store for Education is a significant step in this direction. Here, you’ll find a lot of exclusive discount offers on stuff like Surface, PCs and accessories plus specially priced student software like Office 365 University and Office 365 for Education. There are lots of discounts on exciting games and accessories too, so when you’re bored with work, you can slip into some unadulterated fun time.

If you’re not a student, then check out the “Sale” section and take advantage of offers and discounts that are meant for all customers. From computers and games to software, mobile devices and accessories- there’s a lot you can get for less- on Microsoft Store online. The actual products available keep changing from time to time, but at any given time, you are sure to catch some cool discounts on stuff of every kind, if you stop by. For instance, you’ll often find laptops and desktops in the sale section that’s available for a $100 less- and we’re talking about the top breed- fast, powerful and feature-perfect ones, not any substandard stuff. Then you’ll find mobile devices- tablets, phones, sleek cameras and the like on sale often. Accessories are another thing that is quite frequently up on sale. With technology, you continuously need to stay updated to stay ahead of competition. Ensure you do this at minimum cost- by choosing your technology from the Sales section.

Coming up soon on Microsoft Store are two fresh releases- Windows 10 and Office 2016. Expected to release around the same time, later this year, both seem to be promising products- as far as we can make out from previews. Office 2016 is bringing a lot of changes like an updated version for Office on Mac. It is also going seriously cross-platform, cross-device and will be available across devices- laptops, computers, tablets, phones and every other device in between- on iOS and Android as well. There have been a lot of tweaks and subtle changes across all your apps, so you will now find working on your familiar tools- Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote etc. more exciting and more intuitive. For instance, Outlook has new email previews and OneNote has new ways to organize notes with tags that mark out fields that are “Important” or must be probed with “Questions” etc. Windows 10 is bringing in some cool, futuristic changes to the world of computing with virtual desktops for desktop power users and tools to assist, like Task View, Snap Assist and Continuum. Cortana reveals herself in newer, more efficient ways while the business fraternity gets a fair slice of the cake, with enhanced security, compliance and deployment features. With Microsoft HoloLens, Windows 10 hails a world of holographic computing- a world where high-definition holograms are brought to life so that your digital content becomes as real as physical objects around you. It is a world where your real and virtual worlds blend together in incredible ways, and you discover newer ways to teach, learn, create, communicate and collaborate.

Welcome to Microsoft Store. Welcome to the future.