Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3 Promo Codes February, 2018

Surface 3- The best of tablet and laptop on a single device.

The third generation of Surface tablets is here and it just got better! When Microsoft introduced its first line of Surface and Surface Pro tablets, it drew a mixed response. Ever since, it has been working upon Surface in a bid to ensure complete customer satisfaction- introducing changes and improvements with every new iteration. The new Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 tablets are a delight to use. Microsoft rebuilds Surface 3 this time with a lighter frame and greater functionality; and discovers a cross between tablet and laptop. In fact, this dual functionality makes Surface 3 the most productive machine ever.

Microsoft Surface 3

A perfect balance of performance and value, Surface 3 has the best of tablet features. A thin lightweight frame makes Surface 3 the perfect gadget to accompany you everywhere- it’s easy to slip it under your arm or inside your purse (or even your school bag)! While Surface 3 has a 10.8 inch screen, Surface Pro is delightfully bigger at 12 inches. Full HD display makes viewing an out-of-the-world experience whether you’re reading a book, watching a movie, playing a game, working on an assignment or on Skype. The improved keypads and kickstand take you from tablet to laptop in a snap. The keypads are now improved with a magnetic strip that ensue more secure connection with your tablet. When not in use, they double up as protective covers for your tablet. The improved kickstand features three inclination angles on Surface 3 and multiple angles on Surface Pro 3- where the device will flex up to 150 degrees. Together, they make Surface Pro the most convenient machine to carry and use on a flight, in a train or for that matter, just about anywhere- on your lap, at the desk or on the nightstand table!

With the new line of Surface tablets, there’s a Surface that’s just right for everyone- whether you’re a student, a parent, a working professional or a power user.  Surface 3 is great for home use while Surface Pro 3 is built for power users and professionals. Surface 3 is a great tool for school. Students can record lectures, type notes or take down notes with the Surface pen. They can even use features like OneNote and Share board on Surface to easily complete assignments or project work. A tool like Surface can change the way student’s research, learn and create while helping teachers to organize more meaningful lessons and supervise students better. At home, Surface can be used to organize home errands, maintain your budget and grocery lists, stay on top of your to-do list, connect it friends and family while staying updated on important emails, assignments and projects. And when you’re done, you can pass on the device to your child to help him complete his school research project or assignment. Discover more family time together as you watch movies o play games on the Surface3. It is enabled with advanced Family Safety features too, which helps you ensure your child stays protected when he’s online. Also, with the new Surface, every member of the family can create his own separate space on the same device which means there’s maximum device optimization.

It is great for professionals too and can be a great travel companion. With a long battery life and productivity features you need, the laptop-cum-tablet keeps you at your productive best always. Coming soon, the Surface Hub promises to be a great team collaboration tool with built-in cameras, digital inking technology, a high resolution and multi-touch display that makes video conferencing easier for you. You can also snap apps side by side, so multi-tasking becomes easy and you can get so much more done in an instant. Surface 3 comes loaded with Windows 8.1 and Surface Pro 3 comes with Windows 8.1 Pro. You are entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 10, when it is available. Also you can run all your favorite desktop apps, Microsoft Office apps, and other business and creative software easily. For a limited time, Microsoft is also offering one year of Office 365 Personal with full versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook plus OneDrive cloud storage.

Surface 3 also brings you a mind-blowing stylus experience- equivalent to none other in the industry. The new Surface pen comes in four colors- red, black, dark blue and silver and comes as close to natural writing as digital writing can get. One click of the pen opens up an OneNote page for you to take down instant notes or capture random thoughts and ideas. Digital ink flows directly from the tip of the pen, capturing musical notes (and even converting them to digital sound), sketches and notes. 256 levels of pressure sensitivity and unique Palm Block technology ensure the most responsive and convenient digital writing you’ve ever experienced. The perfect tool to unleash your creativity, it pairs with apps like Draw board to help you make random notes or highlights on PDFs- when it’s time to get back to work.

Surface Pro 3 is available at a saving of up to $150 and students can lap up Surface 3 at a 10% rebate. Microsoft also extends the 10% discount to Surface pens, keypads and a host of other accessories. Microsoft Store online lists a wide array of accessories that range from power supply to external storage devices, docking station, sleeves and bags for your Surface. Catch them at a discount and get the most out of your Surface 3 experience.

Surface 3 is a great device to plan for, but before you jump to buying, consider factors like your budget, you’re buying purpose, how much storage you’re expecting (system memory uses up a lot of storage space on Surface- so  be clear about the actual storage you’re getting for yourself) etc. As already stated, Surface 3 is great for home use while Surface Pro 3 is built for power use. With Surface Pro 3, you again have five options- 64GB/Intel i3, 128GB and 256GB/Intel i5; and 256GB and 512GB/Intel i7. The Intel i3 processor device is ideal for web browsing, email, taking notes, reading and light office work while the Intel i5 device 3 is built for gaming, intensive multi-tasking, streaming videos and more. The most powerful of them all is the Intel i7 Surface that’s perfect for HD Video editing, professional grade applications, Design and 3D modeling. Choose wisely, buy smart and reap the benefits.