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Microsoft Surface Book Promo Codes February, 2018

Discount Microsoft Surface Book at a Friendly Cost.

Microsoft operates with the mission and values to help people and businesses all through the globe in realizing their whole potential. With this intention, they design a wide range of products under different categories. Most of their products come in different capabilities suitable for business use, home use student use, etc. This is an important reason why this company has gained the status of being a giant in the tech world. They have never failed to enter the handheld device section and the company’s Surface line of tablets is an excellent example for their dedication towards bringing the best products to their customers. Now, Microsoft promo code for Surface Book is yet another example for the interest they show towards making their products affordable for users.

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Microsoft Surface Book

Now, as our discussion got into Microsoft promo code Surface Book, let us gather some details about this laptop with 13.5 inch PixelSense Touchscreen display. It comes with the Surface Pen and Windows 10 Pro Operating System, which is the latest of the lineup of Windows operating system from Microsoft. This laptop comes with The 6th Generation Intel Core processor and the purchasers are at liberty to choose between i5 and i7 processors as both options are offered by Microsoft. What more can you get from this ultimate laptop from Microsoft? Let us find out:


Even though, Surface lineup costs higher as compared to its competitors, Microsoft Store promo code Surface Book from a reliable website dealing with promotional codes online will help the buyers in enjoying great savings on their purchase of this great system from Microsoft. 

Suitable for all needs:

Irrespective of whether a purchaser wishes to edit photos, want to sketch, make music or want to create amazing videos, this device that is available at a friendly cost with Microsoft Surface Book discounts will provide the power required as and when inspiration strikes.

Power and versatility:

Needless to state about the powerfulness and versatility associated with Microsoft’s product.  Microsoft Surface Book is no exception to this rule. With just the weight of 3.34 lbs, the device offers an excellent resolution of unbelievable 3000x2000. Some people in textile industry and other color related niches wish that their laptop should show the true colors of costumes they view through the system and their requirement will be rightly met by Surface Book. Besides providing Microsoft Surface Book education discount for students and faculty members, they can get true to-life with low glare and high contrast, which will be highly beneficial if they do their higher education or teaching in textile and other color-related fields.


When it comes to people engaged in activities that required high performance laptops like those engaged in designing and related works, this laptop with its 6th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 Processor will be the right fit. Furthermore, when they are able to get the same at the best cost with Microsoft Surface Book promo code, their joy will double without any doubt whatsoever. The users can design, sketch and can build their file collection without any hesitation whatsoever. In addition, they can shoot video and can edit the same in Premiere Pro with ultimate flexibility and smoothness. This is the right laptop for those, who wish to handle a wide range of creative tasks and also this comes without sacrificing the battery life.

Perfect running of Windows and Office:

Microsoft Surface Book student discount is something that will be enjoyed by students as they will be looking for a system that will help them to work at their best in Office suite and Operating system. If they study Visual Studio, AutoCAD, Citrix and other related stuff, they can use this device same with utmost satisfaction.

Advanced technology from Microsoft:

Microsoft is known for their devices suitable for tech savvies and normal people alike and the advanced technology in Microsoft Book along with promo code for Microsoft Surface Book makes it the ideal choice for tech savvies.

With all these features and with Microsoft Surface Book promotion code, this is excellent laptop from the giant tech company called Microsoft is suitable for all without any doubt.