Microsoft Xbox Live

Microsoft Xbox Live Promo Codes February, 2018

Microsoft Xbox Live Promo Codes 2016 Good For Gaming Enthusiasts.

Major breakthrough in the history of Microsoft occurred in the year 1981, when the company furnished an OS for IBM’s initial crucial entry into personal computers niche. When this version was called as PC-Dos by IBM, Microsoft themselves introduced their own version in the name of MS-Dos. Just like the domination done by IBM on the personal computer market, Microsoft began to catch up the software market. Another breakthrough in the history of Microsoft is their introduction of the first Windows operating system that happened in the year 1983. Xbox is the great introduction to the gaming industry made by Microsoft and Microsoft Xbox Live Gold promo codes surely come as a great news for those, who already own Xbox or those planning to invest on the gaming console now. Let us begin to understand about Xbox live.

Microsoft Xbox Live

What is Xbox Live?

This is an online service for Xbox One users. It can be stated as the entry ticket to the most exciting world of social entertainment network. The Xbox live is available both as free account and as paid account. Of course, comparatively the free account will have minimal features as compared to the paid version. So, if you are intended to go for the paid version, you can use Xbox Live promo codes Microsoft points to bring down the cost of purchase.

What is the difference between free and paid account?

When you opt for Xbox Live Free account, you will be in a position to experience the hottest exclusive games, Skype on your television, internet explorer, entertainment applications, sport, music and liver events, apart from television shows and High definition movies.

When you invest on paid version called as Live Gold Account, you will be in a position to get access to games with Gold and free games not just for Xbox 360 console, but also for Xbox One console. In addition, Microsoft offers deals with Gold for Xbox One, which will help members to enjoy exclusive discounts on games in the Xbox Store. With the most advanced multiplayer games with Gold and deals with Gold, Xbox Gold without any doubt is better than ever. The excellent thing to remember here is that the Xbox live gold membership that you purchase with Microsoft Xbox Live discount codes, you can surley move to the next level, regardless of whether you own Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

What you can do with Xbox Live?

With such a live gold membership, you can get the following things:

  • Irrespecitve of wherever your friends are placed, you can enjoy unlimited multiplayer gaming with them.
  • You can also download and can play free demo version of newly introduced games and can enjoy full Xbox One games
  • You can enjoy exclusive member deals and previews
  • You can catch up on television through television and movies and a full lineup of great partner services
  • You can watch sports with NFL, ESPN and other great sporting applications that gets continually added to Xbox One
  • You can get the chance to listen to the personalized music with iHeartRadio and Groove
  • You can use your tablet or phone as a second screen for an enhanced entertainment and gaming experience
  • With internet explorer on your Xbox, you can explore the web on your television
  • You can access your cloud game saves, regardless of wherever you are.
  • With the help of your voice, you can easily find television shows, movies, music and games with Kinect.

Now, you know what will you get when you pay for Xbox live subscription with Microsoft xbox Live promotional codes.

You can connect your Xbox with Xbox live either through wired or through Wireless internet connection and can enjoy the above-mentioned benefits with this live account from Microsoft for your Xbox.